By Predator Hunters, For Predator Hunters

High Performance LED Hunting Light

  • The brightest predator hunting LED light available
  • Available in red, green, white or IR
  • Fully dimmable from 0 to 100% power
  • Regulated circuit maintains brightness even as battery¬†power dimishes
  • Extreme battery life up to 48 hours at 25% brightness
  • Quick focus from a flood to spotlight beam
  • Non-reflective matte finish with splash¬†guard
  • Use as hand-held, monopod mounted or scope mounted
  • Precision machined high grade 6061 aluminum
Transform The Night
Confirm Predator Identity Over 500 Yards Away
Choose Your Model

Identify Your Target &

Have Confidence
Pulling The Trigger

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Model Shown: Coyote Light Pro w/Tactical Grip

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