Tactical LED Grip Light

CoyoteLight Gen2 – 2016 Model

CoyoteLight Gen2 – 2014 Model

CoyoteLight Gen1 – 2012 Model


Question & Answer:

Q: Is night hunting legal in my state?
A: 50 State – Night Hunting Laws

Q: What is the Warranty?
A: Each light comes with a limited lifetime warranty for defects in materials and workmanship. Electronic components have a five (5) year warranty. The warranty does not cover batteries.  For more details view:  Warranty Information

Q: Is the Warranty Transferable?
A: Yes, the same warranty details apply to the new owner from the original purchase date.

Q: When does my warranty start since there is no warranty card?
A: The warranty starts on the date of purchase.  Your sales receipt is proof.

Q: Can the LED color be changed in the Predator CL1 & CoyoteLight from one color to another?
A: To provide maximum performance, the color cannot be changed.

Q: Can it be used in the rain or snow?  Is the light waterproof?
A: Yes, the light is splash proof and will endure rain/snow, but care for it like a scope and dry the light before storage.  Do not submerge the light, it is not waterproof.

Q: How many volts is the Predator CL1 & CoyoteLight?  Are the lights legal in California (less than 9V)?
A: Yes, CoyoteLights are California legal.  The maximum voltage is 4.25V.

Q: Why is the light square shaped when focused in?  Why is the light not perfectly square?
A: The light is square when the light is focused in.  This is normal due to the shape of the LED.  Also, the LED may not appear perfectly square due to the wire contact.

Q: Is the IR visible to the human eye or is the IR to be used only with night vision equipment?
A: The IR is not visible to the human eye.  It can only be used with a night vision scope or camera.

Q: Do you sell an adapter to mount the CoyoteLight to an AR picatinny rail?
A: Yes,  Picatinny-to-Picatinny Clamp

Q: Is my CoyoteLight a Gen 1 or Gen 2?
A: If your light has the CoyoteLight logo on the side of the lens tube it is a Gen 1. If your light has knurling and the CoyoteLight logo on top of the lens tube it is a Gen 2

Q: How many Lumens are the Predator CL1 and CoyoteLight?
A: We do not rate the performance in lumens.  Lumen ratings are often subjective due to many companies not following the same standards.  We find the best way to measure performance is how much light is actually going down range and measuring Lux.  We have a 3rd party lux rating of over 39000 Lux on the red lights.  We have seen eyes over 800 yards away and have identified full body animals at 500 yards with clear conditions and good optics.

Q: How much more light does the Predator CL1 & CoyoteLight put down range compared to the competition?
A: CoyoteLight puts over 3x more light down range than most the competitors (Leading competitor on the left and CoyoteLight on the right)