CoyoteLight Pro Staff: Seth Skinner

Seth S1


I grew up in a Christian environment and learned to love the Good Lord and all the blessing in life He has given me.  Like a great set of parents a loving family, a beautiful wife, and a good job.  I definitely consider myself a blessed man to have already accomplished so much in 29 years on this earth.

I worked for the State of Texas as a Government trapper for about 3 years.  I have spent the majority of my life guiding predator hunts or doing taxidermy for a living.  Currently I’m a Animal Control Officer in Mcgregor Texas and work with all types of wildlife on a daily basis.

In 2008 I traveled to Overland Park Kansas to compete in the World Predator Calling Competition, a stage calling contest between all types of predator hunters across the country. I won the World Distress Calling Championship at this event and it was a very neat experience.  This was my first time calling on stage in front of a huge audience of spectators and a panel of judges.  I was nervous to say the least but I just sucked it up and used my hand calls to the best of my ability to mimic the sounds of several distress animals.  In the end the judges thought my distress calls sounded the best.

I also competed in Ohio at the 2010 World Predator Calling Competition and ended up being in the Top 5 in the World All Around Competition which is a combination between coyote vocals and distress calling.  Judges tally a total from both contests and the top 5 contestants highest scores get to go to the finals.