CoyoteLight Pro Staff: Richard Bogath




Richard Bogath is a wild game and predator hunter, a competition handgun and rifle shooter, an NRA certified instructor and Range Safety Officer, an NRA certified hunter clinic instructor, a gun and shooting enthusiast (striving for the national title at Camp Perry for conventional pistol), Jr. shooting league coach, writer, blogger, commerce consultant and classically trained chef. He lives, wearing his many hats, in Ocean County, New Jersey with loved ones and great friends.

His desire to hunt was spawned while working as a chef and the desire to become more attuned with some of the wild game being prepared and understanding the entire process from field and forest to dinner table. The desire to hunt predators came about at the end of a deer season years back when the question of “Now what?” was posed and it was suggested he try hunting fox and coyotes.

Now a veteran predator hunter and the author of the book “Howling The Moon Dog: Coyote Hunting East Of The Mississippi”, Richard is proud and humbled to be invited to join the prostaff team at CoyoteLight.

Having served as a guide on dozens of predator hunts in New Jersey, Richard enjoys the look on the faces of new predator hunters as the infection spreads, creating new hunters from skeptics and new predator hunters from seasonal hunters who “always wanted to try it”.