CoyoteLight Pro Staff: Michael Huff

huff pic

I am the father of three phenomenal sons and they are the most important thing in my life!  God has blessed me, a fallible human being, beyond belief with the gift of being a father.

After my sons, I am passionate about predator hunting and I would do it 365 days a year if possible!   Depending on one’s perspective, I have the curse or blessing of a brain without an off switch.  I believe in continual lifelong learning and I am continually reading predator research studies and other information to learn as much as possible.  If we ever believe that we have predators completely figured out, we are kidding ourselves.  If I live to be one hundred years old, I will still never possess the intelligence and predatory prowess of the Eastern coyote.

As predator hunters, we hunt because it is deeply satisfying, what we must do, and truly who we are as individuals.  As I tell my sons, there will always be someone better and worse than you in life.  Just do your best and be satisfied, our only competition is our self.   There is no place for ego in hunting.

Prior to the start of predator season each year, I enjoy climbing into a tree stand each fall, longbow in hand, watching the woods slowly drift to sleep for the winter.  During summer, I spend a lot of time reloading and long distance target shooting.  I am a proud to be an NRA Life Member and Certified Handgun Instructor.  Also, I recently opened a specialized web business,  The mission of this business is to offer only the best products to maximize predator hunting success.

I enjoy writing and some of my articles have appeared in Fur-Fish-Game, Pennsylvania Game News, Pennsylvania Bowhunter, Varmint Hunter, Primitive Archer, and a few others.  At the present time, I am writing a book on advanced tactics to maximize predator hunting success.

My most memorable hunt this past season came about when a man introduced himself after I presented a seminar as part of the Cabela’s Predator Classic.   At 66 years young, he was still trying to call in and kill his first predator.  We hunted together and I called him in a red fox on the first set.  He made a perfect killing shot.   It was a wonderful feeling for both of us!

I am very proud to be affiliated with the CoyoteLight Team!  I feel these are a great group of individuals with a high degree of integrity who produce the very best predator hunting light available.  It is 100% American made, and leaves Chinese built flashlights in the shadows.