CoyoteLight Pro Staff: John Petrone

From the creator of Double Take Decoys:  "I love it.  Very versatile and the cat never knew I was there."  - John P.

John Petrone was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and is married with two kids.  His passion is for bow, predator, and turkey hunting which has taken him all across the United States and Canada.  John has productively harvested elk, mountain lion, caribou, bear, hogs, deer, moose, bobcat, coyote, and turkey.

In 2009, John successfully completed the grand slam for turkey. (Eastern, Rio, Merriam, and Osceola)

In addition, John created, developed, and sold a unique predator decoy which is marketed by Primos called the “Stray Cat”.

“While hunting moose in Alberta, CA we spent 7 days on horseback in the rugged mountains.  Spike camp was basically a wall tent in the bush.  On day 3 while searching for moose signs, we came across 2 mountain grizzly bears which surprised us and appeared to come out of nowhere.  The bears were less than 50 yards from us.  It was a very tense moment for both the guide and I.  The bears circled around ever so slowly and eventually disappeared… but it seemed like an eternity!  This was a very dangerous situation as it could have gone bad real fast.  Fortunately for us, it was over as quick as it began.  Later that day I was able to harvest a beautiful 52″ bull moose.  I will never forget this as long as I live.”