CoyoteLight Pro Staff: Cody Monroe


Hi my name is Cody Monroe. I was born in Greenville, Texas. I have grown up and lived in many places, but I reside in my hometown of Cumby, Texas.  As a kid, I had the experience to do a lot of traveling.  I have been in all the western states and lived in some, including as far west as Hawaii.  And this is how I got into Predator hunting.  When I was younger, traveling with my Granddad, whom was a prospector, he took me to a lot of the states with some awesome predators.  That is when I got hooked and learned just how smart and keen they are!!

I work for a government contractor, and have been for going on 5 years.  My schedule at work allows me to do a lot of predator and hog hunting.  I have been hunting predators for 28 years now, and it never gets old or dull, and you still learn something new frequently.  I held one of the first Predator Hunting Tournaments in this area around 1992, and have been hunting them since that time up till recently, when I decided to dedicate my predator hunting to new comers, kids, women, and filming.

When I am not hunting I am spending time with the family, reloading or editing videos.  The video editing has all ways intrigued me, and I spend a lot of time trying to do things better.  I spend a lot of time riding side by sides exploring new creeks to conquer.  So my hunting partner and I roll it all into one deal, scouting, filming, and having a great time!!

Speaking of side by sides (Kawasaki Teryx) we always like to find a big group of hogs, and pursue them with the AR’s hanging out the side. That makes for a very exciting time. I have not hunted them out of a Helicopter yet, but that excitement will do, until then.

I look forward to meeting new people on this awesome adventure, of being lucky enough to get selected for Pro staff on the CoyoteLight Team!!  The best light on the market.