CoyoteLight Pro Staff: Chris Klinger


Chris Klinger grew up in Lancaster County, PA and currently lives in Akron, PA with his wife Vanessa and two children Sullivan and Camille.

Chris was introduced to the sport of hunting by his father-in-law which was a natural fit for him since he had a long interest and collection of firearms when they met.  When they tried night hunting together, this became Chris’s passion and he never looked back since.

Besides hunting predators and varmints, Chris also enjoys deer and turkey hunting.  In the summer time he spends quite a bit of time in the fields keeping his rifle skills sharp hunting groundhogs.

When Chris is not hunting he enjoys spending time with his family, motorcycling, going to the mountains, drumming with his band and church worship team.  Chris also is an avid trapper.

One of the most exciting times Chris had while hunting was with his father-in-law.  They were in the field late one night calling and had a pack of coyotes howling back to them on one side, while a pack of fox were barking at them on the other side. This is something you don’t have happen at the same time very often. They did manage to call in two of the coyotes out of the pack but they disappeared as fast as they came in.

“ I truly believe the CoyoteLight is the best predator light on the market.  I have used just about every light out there and nothing is as adaptable to any situation, is as dim or as bright as I need, or lasts as long as this light.  If you take your night hunting as seriously as I do, this is the light for you. My shot to kill ratio has drastically increased since I switched to CoyoteLight.  Simply put, it’s the best and I’m proud to be part of the CoyoteLight family and CoyoteLight Pro Staff.”