CoyoteLight Pro Staff: Barry Stewart


Barry Stewart has been hunting for close to 40 years.  In the past several years Barry has specialized in calling predators and has been featured in many TV shows  featuring predator hunting, including FoxPro’s Furtakers, Mojo Outdoors TV, American Outdoorsman, and American Huntress.  Since the mid 90’s, Barry has also enjoyed writing about the great outdoors, and has been featured with his own newspaper column, and has articles featured in national outdoor magazines.  He serves as the Director of the World Championship Predator Calling Competition, and remains involved in educating the public about predators.  He has worked as a Wildlife Specialist, dealing with predators when they concern agriculture, wildlife, and public safety.  An advocate for the Second Amendment, and hunting privileges, he gets involved politically to fight those that would destroy our legacy of hunting and the right to own a gun to defend ourselves in time of need.