Welcome to CoyoteLight!  CoyoteLight was developed by predator hunters for predator hunters and has all the features you have always wanted in a predator hunting light.  CoyoteLight professional lighting will transform the way you hunt at night.  CoyoteLight is 100% designed and manufactured in Pennsylvania.



The #1 safety rule for night predator hunting is identifying your target.  CoyoteLight will give you confidence while pulling the trigger and the performance you have to see to believe.   The CoyoteLight is guaranteed to beat the performance of any spotlight with a red filter or any kind of red LED flashlight.

Pictures taken with camera lens zoomed in 200x


Pictures taken with camera lens zoomed in 200x

Adjustable Brightness Light Intensity

The unsurpassed performance of CoyoteLight is also accredited to its versatile features.  The brightness is fully controlled from zero to 100% power with an adjustment knob on the back.  Scan on a lower power for the reflection of eyes and then turn the light up on full power for shooting.

Adjustable Focus

With CoyoteLights variable focus, the CoyoteLight can be adjusted to be a wide or tight light beam for the desired distance of each hunting landscape.


Extreme Battery Life

CoyoteLight has a unique patent pending integrated circuit which runs on built-in high performance lithium ion batteries.  The CoyoteLight will run over 5.5 hours on full power and over 48 hours at about 25% power.  It also has a low battery indicator light to let you know when it’s time to charge.

No more dead batteries during a set, external battery packs strapped to your waist, spare batteries, or backup light.  The CoyoteLight will run at your desired power and will not dim as the batteries are exhausted.


With the CoyoteLight you will see the reflection of eyes at ranges you have never seen before.  CoyoteLight has located predator’s eyes well over 800 yards, and has confirmed predator’s identities at over 500 yards combined with good optics.



CoyoteLight has the night predator hunters complete stealth in mind.  Successful hunters understand the importance of getting in and out of hunting locations unnoticed.   The CoyoteLight housing has a non-reflective matte finish, to keep you unnoticed, even on a bright night with a full moon.  The CoyoteLight housing also has a splash guard that extends past the lens to keep any extra light reflecting forward and off the hunter and gun barrel.